When Should You Get A 2D Mammogram?

When Should You Get A 2D Mammogram?

2D mammogram in Paterson, NJ is thought to be a helpful test for spotting breast cancer early on, even before symptoms occur. As many as three years may pass in rare circumstances before they are felt or seen. It’s referred to as screening mammography.

Diagnostic mammography is recommended by a medical practitioner if you experience any new symptoms, such as a lump, soreness, nipple discharge, or changes in the appearance of your breast skin. The most common cancer in the world and one of the main causes of mortality in women is breast cancer.

Although there is always room for improvement in breast cancer treatment methods, early detection with screening mammography has greatly decreased cancer-related fatalities and raised patient survival rates.

The procedure of mammogram

An X-ray of a breast called a mammogram is used by medical professionals as a screening instrument for detecting chances of breast cancer and also to find anomalies in breast tissue.

Screening mammography is a regular procedure that is often performed yearly to look for indications of dense breast problems before you develop symptoms. Usually, at least two images of each breast from the top to the bottom and from the side are included.

However, if your screening mammography identifies abnormal cells in your breast, you can get a diagnostic mammogram. It comprises additional views and makes use of other imaging techniques under the direction of the radiologist conducting the investigation.

Continue getting mammograms at the suggested intervals if your test results are normal. Monitoring mammograms are most helpful when a doctor can evaluate the changes in the breasts by comparing them to previous mammograms.

The presence of one or more worrisome regions on your mammogram, which is abnormal, does not necessarily indicate that you have cancer. A breast ultrasound, more mammography views, a breast biopsy, or other imaging examinations may be suggested for you

Simply put, mammography is a quick and secure treatment. Mammography can prevent death because breast cancer mortality is decreased with early detection. Consult your doctor to determine whether you need mammograms so you may begin screening as soon as possible.

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