How to Utilize the Automated SEO Tools?

How to Utilize the Automated SEO Tools?

Each day, thousands of newcomers enter the area of online marketing. They join all the popular forums, follow popular advice, and buy a whole lot of tools to automate the procedure. While all three of those things are full of possible problems and pitfalls, it is the automated tools that have the potential to cause the greatest harm.

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Why do People Purchase Automated SEO Tools?

Automated SEO tools make some rather grand promises. First, they promise to eliminate all the hard work and effort that is required to succeed with making money online. They promise to give you an edge over your competition. Finally, they promise to do everything for less than outsourcing. But most of these tools do not work correctly, meaning that any money you spent is money wasted. If you cannot use it, you cannot get any type of return on your investment.

The few that do work correctly, though, typically use techniques which are frowned upon by the search engines. They violate the conditions of service, in addition to commonly accepted internet etiquette. As an Example, Scrape Box is a tool that is designed to find sites on which you are able to comment and create back links to group buy seo tools. It is a valuable tool if you are using it to automate the finding of relevant blogs. After that, however, it may only get you in trouble.

Much like most of these tools, Scrape Box Will guide you through the process of producing a generic comment template. It will then help you with spinning that remark, so you could have hundreds or perhaps thousands of unique versions. What ends up happening, though, is that you end up with comments that Resemble gibberish over anything else. The tool then pushes these comments to sites with hyperlinks back to your website. And that is when everything goes downhill.

Search Engine Algorithms vs Automated SEO Tools

The most recent batch of algorithm updates, such as Panda and Penguin, are Designed to help Google better identify spam which is used for nothing other than search engine optimization. When you use Scrape Box to construct and publish your articles, you are spamming the net. All the popular Search Engine Optimization automation tools focus on spamming the net to build back links. This includes:

  • Tools designed to automate blog comments
  • Tools designed to automate post directory entries
  • Tools Developed to submit your site to social bookmarking directories
  • Tools designed to twist your articles for uniqueness

The end results are disappointing, at best. You spend money on a tool that pushes out tens of thousands of links that never actually help your search engine optimization campaign. In the end, your site develops a back link profile that is so damaged that no amount of hard, legitimate work can ever conquer it.

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