Things to know about banner printing

Things to know about banner printing

The term “banner” has come a long way. As an industry, banner printing has grown exponentially over the last few decades. Nowadays, almost every company and agency use banner printing as their primary way of bringing their brand to life. The use of banners is highly varied in these companies and agencies. Many companies use only traditional banners, while others use digital and analog techniques to bring their brand to life. Here are a few things you need to know about banner printing in Lisle, IL.

Traditional banner printing (also known as blow-mold banners) is an excellent choice for any company that wants to show its brand straightforwardly. These banners are made out of polyester film. They are pretty durable, portable, and lightweight. If you wish to select traditional printed banners, you can go for the more expensive ones with more than one color option or customize them with your logo design.

A high-resolution printed banner stands out from the rest of the crowd and is very suitable in promotional campaigns because of its sharp, crisp images. Although there is nothing traditional about this type, it can be used for almost anything. If your budget allows for it, these high-resolution printed banners will impact your audience because of their vivid colors and graphic designs reproduced in high definition. This type is also suitable to use in events like exhibitions or trade shows where people have come to see your brand first time, so you’d want to present them in a way they won’t forget anytime soon.

Sticky back imprinted banners are excellent choices if you want customers to attach them to their venue materials like walls or fences since they can be installed easily without any hassle after applying them on a surface, making them perfect for outdoor advertising with long exposure times. It has all the benefits of traditional printed banner printing, including durability and flexibility but comes at cheaper prices when compared with printed banners.

PVC banners are becoming more popular as they can survive in adverse weather and can also be used on a variety of surfaces. In this type of banner, the images are printed on a heavy-duty material attached with Velcro strips, making them very easy to install and remove without leaving any stains or marks. These rolls are usually large, so you may consider using them for more extensive scale campaigns like marketing events or trade shows that require an ample space to accommodate many participants.

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